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Colorful Mythical Beasts (Printmaking) by AxelDK64 Colorful Mythical Beasts (Printmaking) :iconaxeldk64:AxelDK64 2 0 Ink Machined Me (Printmaking) by AxelDK64 Ink Machined Me (Printmaking) :iconaxeldk64:AxelDK64 2 2 Crying Child from the Shadows (Printmaking) by AxelDK64 Crying Child from the Shadows (Printmaking) :iconaxeldk64:AxelDK64 2 0 Unsettling Nocturnal Bird (Printmaking) by AxelDK64 Unsettling Nocturnal Bird (Printmaking) :iconaxeldk64:AxelDK64 2 5 Hallucinogenic Flowers (Printmaking) by AxelDK64 Hallucinogenic Flowers (Printmaking) :iconaxeldk64:AxelDK64 3 0 My Hairy 'MERF!' Face by AxelDK64 My Hairy 'MERF!' Face :iconaxeldk64:AxelDK64 4 20 Caught by a Puzzled Misery by AxelDK64 Caught by a Puzzled Misery :iconaxeldk64:AxelDK64 51 10 Freddy the Hungry Cartoon Girl by AxelDK64 Freddy the Hungry Cartoon Girl :iconaxeldk64:AxelDK64 16 43 Heart-Making Gaming Buddies by AxelDK64 Heart-Making Gaming Buddies :iconaxeldk64:AxelDK64 32 19 Big Box Bust Boy by AxelDK64 Big Box Bust Boy :iconaxeldk64:AxelDK64 15 25 Frisk Gives Papyrus a BIG Hug by AxelDK64 Frisk Gives Papyrus a BIG Hug :iconaxeldk64:AxelDK64 54 42 Goddesses Take a Night Time Stroll by AxelDK64 Goddesses Take a Night Time Stroll :iconaxeldk64:AxelDK64 62 64 Mega Mimikyu's Mini Massage by AxelDK64 Mega Mimikyu's Mini Massage :iconaxeldk64:AxelDK64 54 47 Tsaneera's Titanic Trop Toes by AxelDK64 Tsaneera's Titanic Trop Toes :iconaxeldk64:AxelDK64 74 69 A Glove, An Alien, and a Ball IN SPACE! by AxelDK64 A Glove, An Alien, and a Ball IN SPACE! :iconaxeldk64:AxelDK64 8 18 Foxy Lucy by AxelDK64 Foxy Lucy :iconaxeldk64:AxelDK64 18 10

*How the ST Slot List Works
There are usually around 6 slots available for each Scetchy Thingy that I make. Whenever I post a journal stating that I have open slots available for Commmissions and Art Trades, the first 6 who comment to be on the "Scetchy Thingy Slot List" on that journal entry or notes could get to have a slot for them. I WILL NOT ACCEPT FREE REQUESTS. You must pay me in some way or form. (the only excuss to be had is that I ask you personally if you want a gift from me)

*My Priority List on pictures for people, from highest priority to lowest priority
1) Any money commissions (paid or planned to be paid) through PayPal.
2) Paid point commissions and ATs.
3) Point commissions and ATs that has still NOT been paid for, but is planned to be paid on a later date.
4) For the rest of point commissions and ATs that have not been paid yet, I will complete them in the order in which they were asked.
5) If and ONLY IF I consider you on DA as a friend, then you may receive gift pics from me. :icongiftsfriendsonly:

*If the pictures meet the same priority ranking, then pictures shall be made in the order in which it was asked me OR I'll decide on my own terms.

*No Twice-In-A-Row Policy for ATs and Points
If a person who has ask and received an art trade or point commission picture from on the last ST Slot List, they are NOT allowed to ask me again on the current List. They must wait for the next ST Slot List to be available to ask me for a picture. The only exception that I will take are for those who have paid me through PayPal already; those people can ask for a picture on the next ST list. This is so that I can be more fair for those others who want a chance to get a picture from me

Hope that this will work better for my busy schedule. ^-^
If your picture takes too long until it's made it's probably because I am at university and doing homework all the time now. Please be patient.
Thanks you.

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Thanks guys for your wonderful wishes for my bday on Star Wars day. =D(Funnily enough our campus actually played Darth Vaders theme in the half hour chimes and the Star Wars theme during the hour chimes. :XD: )

It means a lot to me that you guys are still around to support me in all that I do. Thanks for the people who wished me a happy birthday, and for those who made gifts for me thanks so much for those as well, they are so awesome! :la:

Hope you guys have a great day in all the days always. :meow:


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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States


Colorful Mythical Beasts (Printmaking)
My book project for printmaking class. :meow:

Hard to get the vibrant colors from these scans compared to the original copies. Still was fun to make these simple fun silouittes.
Wanted to give them each personality with the colors and their designs and made them unique. I especially had fun trying out gradients here, which is my go to way of shading as ya know. Gotta try this out in my digital workings sometime, seems like an interesting project to work on. =D

Hope ya guys enjoyed my printmaking stuff. =p
Ink Machined Me (Printmaking)
y self-portrait made in printmaking class. =p
Basically used this  previous photo for this sample. MERF. :XD:  My Hairy 'MERF!' Face by AxelDK64

Like how cartoony it looks. Hope ya like it too. =D
Crying Child from the Shadows (Printmaking)
Linoleum for this print. I HATE linoleum.. =3= ;

Looks like a familiar kid of Determination doesn't it? Yes? No? IDK. I was just moody that day. X'D :iconfrisk-plz:
Unsettling Nocturnal Bird (Printmaking)
Another print from my printmaking class in which I am proud of how it turned out. :meow:

Anyone else getting a scary owl vibe from the Big Comfy Couch post scene...…… *shivers* childhood trama.. :iconscaredplz:

It was suppose to be a beetle or a bug, but I messed up with the design and just turned it into an owl to fix my mistake, and it became more detailed and better than my original idea. =D

Enjoy this creepy owl. :dummy:
Hallucinogenic Flowers (Printmaking)
Gonna be showing some printmaking works from my 2017 Spring semester from my school. Here's a sample of what I've done. =)

So this was from a craving of an easy-cut material, in which I foolishly lost ALL the supplies and materials for that class for some reason in so I can't show ya what it looks like.
Nonetheless sure was fun to make this, didn't know what to do for design so just made curves until something popped up. What I got was an weird looking plant flower thing, so we're going with that. Someone also said they saw a tiger in this as well, but always up for interpretation. :XD:

Prepare to see some more school work art sometime, a nice change of pace from  my usual content wouldn't you say? =w=

Let's talk POLITICS. OuO 

26 deviants said Let's just cooperate from what we got, and stop whining on who won and who didn't win. T3T
19 deviants said Welp, this will be an interesting four years! :dummy:
16 deviants said *gets filled with nothing but frustration and anger* >: (
13 deviants said The world was already messed up to begin with, ain't no different now. :shrug:


AxelDK64 has started a donation pool!
6,185 / 6,400
Since I've been a very nice person for all of you and making all these requests for everyone, I figured that you can return me a little favor by donating a bit of points for me. :iconawwwplz:

And now my new goal will be 6400, like "N64". :iconn64plz: =p

Now point commissions for pictures have raised up very high and people now must pay at least 400 points. The reason for this is that I feel like I was making very little off of very cheap requests and according to the official dollar to points calculator, I was just earning tips. So to be the most fair to me, I have raised the normal point commissions up to 400 points or higher so that I can at least earn 5 dollars worth of points. I hope you understand.

Please check out the DeviantArt Point Calculator to decide the best price for my/your point commissions.

DeviantArt Point Calculator by charfade

The pictures will be made in a PNG format and will always be colored. Please check my art related icons in weither I am available for point commissions at this time

So please, make some donation today or later for me.
I really appriciate it. Thanks. :meow:

You must be logged in to donate.


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